• Wrap It Wednesday! Posted on March 13, 2013

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    Wrap It Wednesday! Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries!!


    Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut into thick matchsticks
    Bacon (I will let you be the judge of how much:)

    Optional dipping sauce:

    1/2 cup mayo
    1-2 chipotles
    juice of 1 lime

    Soak sweet potato matchsticks for 6 hours in a bowl of cold water. This apparently removes most of the starch from the potatoes (you will see the white glob at the bottom of the bowl). Rinse and pat dry. Cut bacon slices in 1/2's or thinner lengthwise and wrap around sweet potatoes. Arrange leftover non wrapped fries around wrapped ones so the grease will spread. Bake at 425 for 25 min and then flip and cook another 10-12 minutes. Squeeze lime juice over the fries and serve with mayo and chipotles pulsed together in food processor.

    Photo & recipe courtesy of: http://stephfood.blogspot.com/2011/02/bacon-wrapped-sweet-potato-fries.html

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