Bacon Fragrance Spray Scented Room & Home Air Freshener Gag Gift

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Mmmm...bacon. Smoky, sweet, wonderful bacon. Nature's most perfect food, now available as a spray!

The scrumptious smell with none of the calories! You know what's great about bacon? Everything! Well, that's not entirely true. Nothing so devastatingly awesome as bacon could possibly come without a slight downside. Bacon is delicious, but it's high in fat. Bacon smells amazing, but it's high in cholesterol. It's true - health wise, bacon leaves a lot to be desired, but just smelling bacon is possibly one of the most amazing things in the world. Short of whipping out a skillet and doing a quick fry-up, how can we enjoy that wonderful meaty sweet and smoky aroma without the temptation and subsequent belt-busting and heart-clogging richness of actual cured-pork ingestion? Bacon fragrance spray, of course!

Now you take the smell the sweet smell of bacon with you. Get your home, office or car smelling like bacon! 5ml spray bottle in gift box.

Makes a great GIFT (or gag gift for your favorite vegetarian).


One spray bottle.

Additional info

5 ml spray bottle in gift box.

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