Bacon Roses Vase - One Dozen Long Stem Bacon Rose Bouquet with Vase

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Anyone who says "a rose is a rose" has certainly never seen Bacon Roses! Bacon Roses look, smell and TASTE better than any other roses out there!!

This incredible edible Bacon Bouquet includes 12 long stem Bacon Roses in a clear vase. These roses start with the highest quality Bacon, shaped like rosettes and cooked to perfection. Each rosette is then placed on a realistic looking green stem with leaves AND a vase - and you've got yourself a beautiful Bacon Rose bouquet!

Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and any other special occasion! If you want to say you care…say it with a bouquet of Bacon Roses!


12 long stem Bacon Roses with vase. Vase style may vary based upon availability.

Additional info

Bacon Roses are dry packed for safe transport without refrigeration. Please refrigerate upon receipt, and reheat prior to eating (instructions included).

When the package is opened, the rosettes can then slip off of the stems easily (for eating). They are not secured with any glue, tape, wire, or anything else besides a small beading of sugar, for presentation purposes. The rosettes will fall off of the stem if the package is opened stem-end first. We recommend opening the package from the rose end, and keeping the package upright while removing the roses for display (before eating them).

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Bacon Roses® is a trademark of MBB.Inc.

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