Bacon Scented Candle Sizzlin Bacon Scent Gag Gift (16 oz Raw Design)

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Mmmmm...bacon. Sweet, smoky, wonderful bacon. Nature's most perfect food, now available as a candle!

All the wonderful smells with none of the calories! You know what's great about bacon? Everything! Well, that's not entirely true. Nothing so devastatingly awesome as bacon could possibly come without a slight downside. Bacon is delicious, but it's high in fat. Bacon smells amazing, but it's high in cholesterol. It's true - healthwise, bacon leaves a lot to be desired, but just smelling bacon is possibly one of the most amazing things in the world. Short of whipping out a skillet and doing a quick fry-up, how can we enjoy that wonderful meaty sweet and smokey aroma without the temptation and subsequent belt-busting and heart-clogging richness of actual cured-pork ingestion? Bacon scented candles, of course!

You may have seen bacon-scented candles before, but these are a horse of a different color, so to speak. Most candles are made from cheap chinese wax, and filled with a chemical cocktail of synthetic furanones and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Nasty. These premium scented candles are long-lasting and made from actual rendered bacon fat using a top-secret process that preserves bacon's natural aromas and essential oils. Burning one of these not only fills your room with gentle light, but also that most awesomely wonderful bacon smell. Nothing else even comes remotely close to the actual smell of cooked bacon except the real thing.

Makes a great GIFT (or gag gift for your favorite vegetarian!). Burn in a conspicuous place as the perfect conversation piece!!


One 16 oz. candle

Additional info

Bacon-scented candles made with actual rendered bacon

4 inches high, 3 inches in diameter

Approximately 70 hours of long burn time 100% hand poured, hand packaged and lead-free

Comes in an attractive and safe tin

Scent: Sizzling Bacon

Design: Raw Bacon

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