Grill Pinz (8pc Set) Bacon & Barbecue Tools - Stainless Steel BBQ & Grilling Pins

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Grill Pinz just invited themselves to your next cookout, and brought their best friend, Bacon!

Grill Pinz are an amazing new product specifically designed to attach bacon to food items being grilled, broiled, or baked.

They are made from one piece of food-grade stainless steel and work great on bbq grills or in ovens where high heat typically burns the ends off toothpicks. They have large heads and are easily spotted and removed after cooking, eliminating the possibility of forgetting a toothpick in your food which is a choking hazard.


One piece stainless-steel construction, specifically designed for combining bacon and grilling safely.


Head diameter is .80" (just over 3/4") and total length is right at 1 inch long.


Instructions for use and a recipe booklet with ideas for delicious recipes you can make on your grill or in the oven! Examples: Bacon wrapped chicken cordon Bleu, bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp, bacon wrapped peach quarters, bacon wrapped hot dogs and sausages, the list goes on!


How many Grill Pinz come in a set? There are 8 Grill Pinz in each set.

Do Grill Pinz make a good gift idea? Absolutely, they are a great gift idea for anyone that grills or loves to cook!


Each set of Grill Pinz comes with a instruction and recipe booklet to help you with ideas for many bacon-wrapped ideas.


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