JD's House of Bacon Lollipops (3 Pack) - Smoked & Cured Skewered Bacon on a Stick Bite Size Lollipop (6 Flavor Options)

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$ 44.99

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Now you're in control! This pack includes 3 boxes of Bacon Lollipops in your favorite flavor!

Bacon Lollipops are the bite size "appetizer" version of our famous Thick Cut Bacon Skewers!!

What are Bacon skewers? Thick sliced Bacon slabs from Danish pork belly,, marinated and glazed in our exclusive sauces and seasonings, cured and smoked to perfection and skewered on a wooden stick for your snacking pleasure.

Choose from any one of the following flavors:

Maple & Chesapeake Bay Seasoning
Char Siu (Chinese Barbecue)
Vanilla Bourbon Barbecue
Mango Habanero (sweet with heat!)

This tasty Bacon snack pack makes a great gift!


3 x Bacon Lollipops (6 oz box) - 8 Bite Sized Thick Cut Bacon Skewers per box

Choose one of the following flavors above: Maple & Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, Char Siu Chinese Barbecue, Vanilla Bourbon Barbecue, Mango Habanero.

Additional info

Fully Cooked. Just heat and eat.
Made with Danish Pork Bellies.
All flavors, except Char Sui, are Gluten Free!
Each individually sealed 6 oz box includes includes 8 bite sized lollipops.
You choose the flavor (all 3 boxes will be the same flavor).

NOT SURE WHICH FLAVOR TO CHOOSE? Try all FOUR flavors in the Bacon Lollipops Variety Pack (4 Flavor Sampler) HERE .

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