Maple Bacon Jam - TWO PACK - Sweet & Savory Uncured Bacon Jam Spread (2 x 9 oz jars)

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Maple Bacon Jam is savory and sweet with smokey Bacon finished with maple sweetness. Made with grade A maple syrup, it pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese, in your pulled pork or any dish that needs a Bacon kick!!!

A sweet & savory bacon spread, made with REAL bacon! 1/2 lb of bacon in every jar! YUM!!

Makes a great gift for your friends, family and your pantry!


TWO 9 oz jars.


What is Bacon Jam?

Bacon Jam at its core is bacon, brown sugar, onions and a whole lot of stirring. We have several varieties that can all be simply spread on crackers, elegantly spread to elevate appetizers or to baconize your favorite dish. Total bacon convenience is here in the form of our "No Fry, On the Fly" gourmet bacon spreads.

Additional info

Bacon Jam is shelf stable for 2 years unopened and 6 months in the fridge after opening... IF it lasts that long!


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