Pig Out Bacon Sampler Gift Pack (13pc Set) - Baconnaise, Bacon Mustard, Salt, BBQ Rub, Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon, Popcorn, Fudge, Sunflower Seeds, Milk Chocolate Bar, Taffy, Lollipops & Hot Cocoa

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Perfect for anyone who wants to Pig Out on Bacon! This generous gift pack has savory snacks, sweet treats and tasty condiments - its got something for everyone! We all know someone who adores Bacon, and this Pig Out pack is a must have for every Bacon Lover!!

Bacon Gift Pack includes: Baconnaise, Bacon Salt, Mustard, BBQ Bacon Rub, Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Fudge, Bacon Popcorn, Bacon Sunflower Seeds, Maple Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar, Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy, Maple Bacon Lollipops & Bacon Hot Cocoa

Makes a great gift!


(1) Baconnaise - Bacon Flavored Mayonnaise Spread (15 oz squeeze): The ultimate bacon flavored spread (smooth & smokey flavor). Baconnaise ® has all the flavor of bacon without the hassle or mess of frying up real bacon. Take your sandwiches, burgers, salads, dips, sauces, chicken, fish and fries to new and more bacon-y heights.

(1) Bacon Mustard - Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard (10 oz bottle).: Mustard takes large step forward with the addition of bacon! It starts with award winning honey mustard, blended with maple and smoked Bacon - creating a truly delicious flavor and texture combination! This bacon mustard is made with REAL Bacon and has a rich, deep bacon flavor that makes it unique to other mustard products. Try it with pretzels, hot dogs, or burgers. Add some pizazz to your next turkey or ham sandwich, or even a "secret" ingredient in egg, tuna or potato salads. GLUTEN-FREE!

(1) Bacon Salt - Bacon Flavored Low Sodium Seasoning Salt (2 oz bottle): J&D'€™s Bacon Salt is a gourmet seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real, delicious bacon. Bacon Salt delivers the delicious savory taste of Bacon to any of your favorite dishes. Excellent on grilled meats and fish, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, sandwiches and soups, green vegetables and pasta dishes, and is the perfect Bacon Salt for green salads. Vegetarian & Kosher! **Bacon Salt flavor included subject to change based upon current availability**

(1) Bacon Rub - Bacon Flavored BBQ Rub (3.75 oz shaker): When grilling and bacon meet the results are unbeatable. Bacon wrapped steak, yes please! Bacon wrapped chicken, amazing. Bacon wrapped ribs, oh my! Bacon Rub adds a smoky-sweet, "wrapped in bacon" flavor to anything you put on the grill. It's all natural, and uses a very unique blend of gourmet herbs, spices and granulated brown sugar for an unreal bacon-on-the-grill flavor. Try it on ribs, pork chops and butt, chicken, steak, brisket, burgers, and more.

(2) Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips (approx. 1 oz each): Two thick cut slices of crispy applewood smoked Bacon, covered in dark chocolate - topped with a drizzle of white chocolate. Sweet, salty & delicious!!

(1) BaconPOP - Bacon Flavored Microwave Popcorn (3.3 oz unpopped bag): Whether you're working late in the office, are having movie night at your house, or are just looking for something quick and delicious, we think you'll love BaconPOP! Vegetarian, Kosher & Gluten Free! **Bacon popcorn flavor included subject to change based upon current availability**

(1) Bacon Chocolate Fudge (1/4 lb):Classic chocolate fudge recipe, enhanced with crispy Bacon bits!

(1) BIGS Sizzlin Bacon Sunflower Seeds (5.35 oz bag): Bring home the Bacon! BIGS is proud to bring you their Bacon Salt Sizzlin Bacon Seeds, the world's first bacon flavored sunflower seeds! They're so good you can taste that crispy delicious bacon flavor like it is hot off the skillet.

(1) Chuao Maple Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar (2.8 oz): Crisp bites of bacon goodness drizzled with delicate maple sweetness and a sprinkle of bonfire smoked sea salt, bathed in luscious milk chocolate. Handcrafted with ethically sourced cacao, all natural, and gluten free ingredients.

(1) Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy (4 oz Bag): Remember those salt water taffies wrapped in the clear wax paper that your parents would get for you while you were on vacation as a kid? Well, we have those same taffies in the coolest flavor ever: Maple Bacon! Oh yeah! Approx. 15 individually wrapped pieces per bag.

(4) Maple Bacon Lollipops (approx. .25 oz each): Mmmmm can't you taste it now: sweet, sticky, syrupy, maple bacon ... anytime, anywhere; all day, every day. Suspended in these amber-hued treats are bits of—oh yes, that’s right—real Bacon!

(1) Redneck Cafe Bacon Hot Cocoa (single serve packet): The oddly delicious flavor combination of chocolate and bacon offset each other with just the right balance of savory and sweet. Makes one 6 oz cup.

ALLERGY WARNING - MAY CONTAIN MILK, NUTS AND/OR WHEAT. Products manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat & soy.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely high demand, we reserve the right to substitute items in this pack subject to availability. Any substitutions made will be of an equal or greater value.

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It's a bacon bonanza! Makes a great GIFT! Or, buy for yourself and save (you are getting a great savings over buying these items individually!).


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