Porcus Infernum Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce (5 oz bottle)

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Porcus Infernun: loosely translated...the burning pig, it should not take much imagination to guess what's inside: That's right, bacon hot sauce, baby!

And this isn't just any bacon hot sauce, this is the best bacon flavored hot sauce on the planet- bar none!

A loving crafted gift to the universe, something that has long been thought to be impossible, a hot sauce that actually tastes like BACON, smells like pork and tastes downright awesome!!

Uses: This versatile sauce goes great on your burgers, brats, pulled pork sammiches & tastes great in Bloody Mary's, on eggs, on just about everything you might imagine. How about some Voodoo Bacon Buffalo wings? Just mix equal parts of melted butter and Porcus Infernium and you are set! This sauce will NOT disappoint!


One bottle. Net weight: 5 oz.

Additional info

Naturally flavored

Heat Level: HOT

Ingredients: Blend of exotic chilies, water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, spices, sugar, onion, garlic, salt, ascorbic & citric acid, propylene glycol and natural flavors. Contains Trinidad Scorpion chile.

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