Circle B Ranch

We are family-owned and operated, we specialize in natural, clean and sustainable farming and humanely raised pork. We do not add hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Circle B Ranch raises our hogs the “old-fashioned” way. We only use the freshest ingredients in our Bloody Mary Mix. Vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly chopped onion, and minced garlic combine with various spices to create a perfect mixture of zest and heat. Small particulates in the mix provide an extra burst of flavor and produce a one-of-a-kind drink experience. Our Bloody Mary Mix has won numerous National Awards!! Try it on one of our Bacon Bloody Mary Kits! Enjoy!!
Circle B Ranch ships all orders out every Monday-Wednesday by 1:00 CST. The order will reach your home or business no more that two business days after the order has shipped. How will my order ship? All pork is shipped frozen. By flash freezing the pork at time of processing it seals in the natural goodness of the meat, and upon thawing you and your family will enjoy the highest quality pork that Circle B Ranch provides.
Our Guarantee
Your complete satisfaction with your Circle B Ranch, LLC order is our first priority.

We Guarantee:
Your frozen meat order will arrive with each item individually vacuum-sealed in ready-to-cook condition.
Non-perishable merchandise, non-meat food products, and processed meat products are guaranteed to arrive in undamaged, ready-to-use condition.
The contents of your order are packed at our facility with enough insulation and frozen gel packs to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated transit.
The product can be frozen up to one year. Please defrost in the refrigerator for the best tasting pork.
Problems: If you have any problem with your order (i.e., product condition, defective or damaged packaging, non-delivery, etc.), contact our Customer Service Department within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery.

When calling our Customer Service Department, be sure to have your Order Confirmation handy as it contains your order number, scheduled delivery date, and other important information that is specific to your order.