• Pig Out On Bacon! Posted on December 09, 2015

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    Pig Out On Bacon! It's the holiday season, and we know you are wondering: what do you get the Bacon lover that has everything? Well today is your lucky day!

    We present to you: THE PIG OUT PACK - our largest Bacon sampler: http://www.baconaddicts.com/products/pig-out-bacon-sampler-pack-gift-set


    Check out all the stuff you get:

    - Baconnaise - the ultimate Bacon flavored spread with a smooth and smokey flavor.
    - Bacon Jam - a delicious spreadable Bacon chutney. (I'm eating some right from the jar as I write this.)
    - Bacon Salt - the best way to add a sprinkle of Bacon flavor to pretty much anything.
    - Pig Candy - a sweet and savory hand made candied Bacon that we absolutely love, and we know you'll love it too.
    - Bacon Caramels - a box of sweet, buttery smoked caramels with Bacon in every bite.
    - Bacon Cheddar Peanuts - hand cooked Virginia peanuts you are sure to love.
    - Bacon Popcorn Pack - great as a snack, or for movie night.
    - Lowrey's Pork Rinds Pack - Fresh and hot pork rinds right from your microwave, yes please!
    - Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos - Chocolate covered Oreos are amazing, but when you add Bacon they are irresistible!
    - Maple Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar - THE BEST Bacon chocolate bar out there...PERIOD. (So good we have our own stash of them here for eating at the Bacon Addicts office.)
    - Maple Bacon Saltwater Taffy - the salt water taffy that brings back memories, with maple Bacon goodness.
    - Bacon Lollipops - 10 sweet lollipops with a signature flavor. We find them strangely addicting. Like meat on a stick, but a lollipop.
    - Bacon Hot Cocoa Pack - the perfect cure for your next wintry day. Who doesn't love hot cocoa?

    Which one of these is our favorite, you ask? An impossible question because WE LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS BOX. We put it all together to build THE GREATEST BACON GIFT EVER.

    The Pig Out Pack is perfect if:
    - you know someone that likes Bacon
    - you want to impress someone that likes Bacon
    - you need a gift for someone who already has everything
    - you want to keep it all for yourself and eat Bacon like a boss

    And - by the way - every PIG OUT pack includes FAST AND FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING. So if you order today you can have it real soon!


    limited time offer - only while supplies last - what are you waiting for!

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