Hot Belly Bacon Grease - 100% Pure Rendered Bacon Fat (11 oz jar) + Free PDF Cookbook

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Bacon makes everything taste better...Bacon grease is the answer!! Quickly and easily add real Bacon flavor to any recipe!

Hot Belly Bacon Grease is made in the USA. It is USDA approved and is shelf stable. It's one of the best seasonings you'll ever use for all of your recipes.

Hot Belly Bacon Grease, Rendered Bacon Fat, is THE secret ingredient that will make your food stand out. Use it like butter for all of your favorite recipes. Each container is 11 ounces. You would have to fry over 4 pounds of bacon to get that much grease.

It's a great present for people who love bacon and can't have all the calories. Our customers on the Paleo Diet and Keto Diet love this product. No more grease popping mess or burns.

Makes a great gift! A must have for anyone who likes to cook. A great staple to add to your kitchen.

Includes one 11-ounce container of Hot Belly Bacon Grease + FREE PDF COOKBOOK!


USDA Approved


Our Rendered Bacon Fat makes all of your recipes come alive, use to enhance and boost flavor.


Includes one 11-ounce container of Hot Belly Bacon Grease
FREE PDF COOKBOOK (instructions to download will be sent with order!).


Our Customers like to use our Rendered Bacon Fat on the Paleo and Keto Diets. Contains no transfat, no salt, no sugar, no carbs, and is gluten free

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You can barbeque your shrimp, steak, hamburgers and chicken with Hot Belly Bacon Grease. It tastes like you wrapped them in bacon but without all the calories. It's great for vegetables, beans and even desserts.

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